A Listener and Other Poems about Music

utopos poetry #5

These poems are the result of a lifetime of highly active involvement with music on the part of a writer best known for his work in philosophy, literary theory (especially deconstruction), and the history of ideas. In this collection Christopher Norris has chosen a great range of verse forms, among them sonnet, terzanelle, quatrain, terza rima, ottava rima, and pantoum. The poems treat individual composers, Purcell to Shostakovich and Philip Glass, and themes such as the tritone, or ‘devil in music’. Spanning ten years of intensive creativity these poems mark Norris’s sustained attempt to assert a more expansive and challenging conception of poetry’s present-day prospects.

About the author

Christopher Norris is Emeritus Professor in Philosophy at the University of Cardiff. In his early career he taught English Literature, then moved to Philosophy via literary theory, and has now turned to writing poetry in various genres, including — unusually — that of the philosophical verse-essay.


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