Tania at School

utopos fiction #2

Tania is tired of school and gets involved with the wrong kinds of people. But then something happens that turns her life around. This is the story of how a young girl’s life is shaped by adventure and love. Will she in the end find the means to achieve her dreams? This, the second book in the Tania series, is a prequel to Tania. It takes place four years earlier when Tania first met Tony. On her way home from her junior high school Tania stumbles over some rough business-dealings in an old, abandoned warehouse. Her involvement with the dark side of society leads her to question her mother’s authority, ultimately forcing her mother to send Tania to a boarding school. When Tania goes to visit Tony in his hide-out in Italy he insists that he has moved on and found new opportunities in the film industry. However, on her return Tania again gets involved with Tony’s former acquaintances in an attempt to clear his name from criminal charges. Her new-found interest in acting keeps her going as she keeps dreaming of being with Tony again.

About the author

Brother Pope is the pseudonymic author of a series of short erotic novels published by utopos publishing.


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  • File size (ebook): 97.48 kB
  • First edition published: 25 May, 2018
  • ISBN (ebook): 978-82-93659-01-3