Hamnøy in Lofoten, Norway. Image by Enrique.

Ereignis Retreat

  • Join us for a week of seminars, workshops and coaching tailored to boost your ability to act, experience true freedom and live your life fully.
  • Internationally acclaimed directors, coaches, scholars and writers come together to conduct seminars and workshops on storytelling, enactment and the art of living.
  • We invite a very select group of motivated participants join us for our singular programme at a distinctive location in Northern Europe.


Our vision is to gather together an exclusive group of highly motivated participants for a week days at an distinctive resort in Northern Europe to meet and share the insight of world class personalities from the world of philosophy and the arts, participate in workshops designed to boost our ability to act, experience freedom at its most profound, and to live our lives to the full. Our evening sessions combine relaxation and personal development, and offer informal meetings, and personal coaching sessions geared to ignite the spark that is specific to each of us. Ereignis Retreat provides you with the comfort necessary to focus fully on reconstituting the personality that you need: great meals, accommodation in a stunning natural environment, and space to breathe and reflect.


Seminar, workshops and evening activities. Coaching.


Ereignis Retreat provides you with a time away from the pressing demands of high tech culture — an occasion to put away your smart phone. This event takes place at a unique resort, where you will have intimate experiences of a part of nature that you not encountered before in an area rich with culture. Ereignis Retreat carries forward the legacy of Norway’s legendary philosopher Arne Næss, founder of the ecosophy movement.

More information

For more information about our upcoming retreat send us an email at ereignis@tankebanen.no.

Last updated: 30 October, 2023