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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of modules do you offer?

Ereignis Institute offers on-site and online modules. At this time our on-site courses take place in Gdynia, Poland, in conjunction with the Ereignis Summer School. Online we offer live seminars and pre-recorded modules. See our course catalogue for more information.

Can I study for a degree (an MA or a PhD) at Ereignis Institute?

Ereignis Institute does not at this time offer degree programmes. However, we like to believe that completing one of our modules will support and underpin studies at degree programmes elsewhere.

Can I study online?

We offer both online and on-site modules. At this time our modules are not hybrid, i.e. we do not have the capacity to stream on-site seminars to an online audience. This is something we may expand to offer in the future.

Can I participate in several modules at once?

Yes, to the extent that you are able to follow the recommended progression. Our modules have reading lists and optional assignments.

How much does it cost?

All our modules are modestly priced. The price for each course is listed on the course’s webpage.

Does Ereignis Institute offer scholarships or financial aid?

We do not have the capacity at this time to offer financial support for students with Ereignis Institute. Some of our events, such as the Ereignis Conference, offer a reduced fee for students and the unwaged.

What is you refund policy and how can I get a refund?

If your course is cancelled or there is some problem in delivery you will get a full refund. Generally, Ereignis Institute follows regulations concerning online purchases. Our legal jurisdiction is Norway.

Who teaches modules with Ereignis Institute?

Our instructors are experienced university lecturers and recognised international scholars in their field. Some of them teach with us while holding full-time positions at reputable institutions, others have art projects, writing or teaching engagements as their primary occupation. You can find more information about our instructors on our Faculty page!

How do I get in contact with the instructor?

Our instructors are very approachable. We encourage discussion outside seminars, and are working to establish discussion groups for each module, hosted on our site. These discussion groups are available for registered students.

How do I get a transcript or diploma?

We issue a diploma for every student who has completed a course with us. Get in touch by email to to receive your transcript.

How many students do you have and how happy are they?

Our student numbers are increasing since our beginnings in 2022. We try to post student testimonials for each module on that module’s page. If you have completed a module with us we are very interested in hearing from you about your experience!

What is the difference between Ereignis Institute and Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts?

Ereignis Institute is the educational initiative of Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts. The Center was launched in 2018 as an organisation for research, education, and outreach based in Norway and Poland. Our reach is global reach and our membership international. The purpose of the Ereignis Center is to research, teach, host events, and disseminate the Ereignis philosophy. The Center is neutral in questions of party politics. More information is available on our About page.

There are many organisations and websites that offer course modules. What is different about Ereignis Institute?

Yes, there is an increasing number of free-standing educational initiatives available, many of them in our area. Be advised that Ereignis Institute is a fully independent school, without any formal obligations to state-run or corporate institutions. This means that we are free to shape our programme the way we believe is best. For this reason you will find no obligatory exams or tests in our courses. We believe that students make their greatest acheivement when they are personally motivated, and this kind of motivation is not engineered by cracking an institutional whip. We offer advise on readings, voluntary assignments and other tasks that can guide your learning. Check each module’s page for more information.

Is there an application procedure? How do I apply to study at the Ereignis Institute?

At this time there is no application procedure to study with us. There are no detailed prerequisites, but we advise on previous knowledge on each module page. Generally our courses are suitable for anyone with an interest in philosophy, psycho-analysis and the arts. Register for a course by pressing the Buy Now button on the module page. We can advise on the suitability of our school for your needs and purposes; write us an email with your details and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Can I study with Ereignis Institute even if I don’t have a background in philosophy, psycho-analysis, or the arts?

We do not require a background in any particular field or discipline. It is nevertheless beneficial to have an interest in the topic of the module you’d like to study. Any prerequisites or recommended previous knowledge is listed on each module page.

Can I study at at the Ereignis Institute while I’m enrolled with a different instituion?

Yes, we make every effort to compliment study programmes at established institutions. We believe your experience in a degree programme can be better and more fulfilling by attending to our modules.

Is there a language requirement to study with Ereignis Institute?

There is no language requirement, but all our instruction is in English, so a good command of that language (as a native or second language speaker) is necessary for you to get the full benefit of our courses. Our instructors do speak speak other languages, and they may be able to communicate with you in your native language.

How do I get to the Summer School?

Gdynia is centrally located, about half an hour by express train or taxi from the airport in Gdańsk. The airport train is located just outside the terminal building at the ariport. Buy you ticket in the machine and get on the northbound train towards Gdynia Głowny (the main station). The ride is comfortable and convenient. From the railroad station in Gdynia walk (20 minutes) or take a taxi to the hotel.

Do I need a travel visa to go to the Summer School?

Poland is a Schengen country. If you travel from outside Schengen check if there are any travel restrictions for your country. Should you need a visa apply for a short-term tourist visa. Write to us if you need a letter of admission to support your visa application.

What accommodation is available and what does it cost?

The Ereignis Conference take place at Hotel Nadmorski in Gdynia, Poland. Generally accommodation in Poland is inexpensive, and there are several large and boutique hotels in the area, as well as apartments for short-term rent.

What happens if I get ill while I’m at the Summer School/Conference?

All travellers should make sure they have proper health insurance prior to departure. Make preprations in advance to confirm that you have the required vaccinations and documentation. Be advised that many providers offer short-term travel insurance should you require one. Pay particular attention to any medicine you may need to bring, and keep in mind that the legality of certain prescription medicine may vary from country to country.

Can I bring family members or friends to the Summer School/Conference?

Yes, we welcome families to Gdynia! Write us beforehand and we will work to offer childcare options for the duration of the school/conference.

Last updated: 30 October, 2023